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Welcome to the world of the Parisian passages and Hotel Chopin... Take a tour back in time in the city of Paris, through covered galleries.

In 1850 the passages were very numerous in Paris, there were up to 150 at this time. You could then cross almost all of Paris weatherproof thanks to these covered and private pathways. The work of Haussman, which then open areas by drilling large avenues and competition department stores, led to the disappearance of most of the walkways. There is today only thirty left, but it still possible to take a nice walk through the passages (see ballad).

The passage Jouffroy is without doubt one of the most emblematic, which was opened in 1846 by the count Felix of Jouffroy - Gonsans, the ancestor of the current owners of the passage. It owes its fame to the Musée Grévin, who settled there in 1882. The Passage Jouffroy was at the time one of the most modern, it has even a floor heating system, to allow strollers to do their window shopping warm. It is actually the ancestor of the mall!

This passage was built on an ancient medieval road, which still exists, is now the basement! A few meters under the footsteps of tourists, lays the same exact Gallery, serving the cellars of all shops of the passage. There are steps leading down into the second part of the passage and the famous heating system by the grids on the ground. The cobblestones of this underground street prove the antiquity of this route over which was built the passage Jouffroy.

Hotel Chopin also dates to the opening of the Passage in 1846, this makes it one of the oldest hotel in the capital. Indeed, the hotels were very numerous in Paris before the development of transport by train.

At the time, named “Family Hotel”, its door has never been closed since 1846. It does not even have a lock! There is a person at the reception since that date, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. For a grand total of 61320 days open days for Hotel Chopin!

The facade, as well as the rest of the passage, is classified historical monument.

Renamed hotel Chopin in 1970, its name is a tribute to the composer who was regularly in the passage to get from his home to the Pleyel's pianos demonstration room. The legend says that Chopin had rendez-vous with Georges Sand at Hotel Chopin, but this has never been verified...

List of Parisian passages:

  • 1st District: Galerie Véro-Dodat, Galeries du Palais Royal
  • 2nd District: Galerie Colbert, Galerie Vivienne, Passage Ben-Aiad, Passage du Bourg-l'Abbé, Passage du Caire, Passage Choiseul, Passage du Grand-Cerf, Passage des Panoramas, Passage du Ponceau, Passage des Princes
  • 3rd District: Passage Vendôme, Passage Molière
  • 6th District: Passage de la cour de commerce Saint-André
  • 8th District: Galerie des arcades du Lido, Galerie du Colisée, Galerie de la Madeleine, Passage Puteaux
  • 9th District: Passage Alfred Stevens, Passage Jouffroy, Passage Verdeau
  • 10th District: Passage Brady, Passage du Désir, Passage de l'Industrie, Passage du Prado
  • 14th District: Galerie les Parnassiens, Passage Montparnasse

Some figures :

  • The oldest:Passage des Panoramas 1799
  • The longest: Passage du Caire 370m
  • The shortest: Passage Alfred Stevens 24m
  • The highest: Passage du Grand Cerf 11m high

A stroll through the Parisian passages...

Here is a great idea for an outing on a dreary day to avoid (a little) the rain and enjoy another look at the city of Paris.

Starting from the Louvre browse through the galleries of the Palais Royal, take a walk in the galleries built in 1786, these are the prototypes of the Parisian walkways. Cross to the Vivienne Gallery through the small portion between the 2 pavilions.

Then cross the Rue des Petits Champs and enter the Galerie Colbert, stroll through the Vivienne Gallery (1824), these two passages communicate, stores are from another time and the original canopy in Rotunda is magnificent.

Take the direction of the stock market, continue with the passage des Panoramas (1800), it takes its name from the (now destroyed) rotundas where panoramic paintings were projected. Very typical there is the entry of the artists referred to in "Nana" by Zola.

Cross the Boulevard and you are in the Passage Jouffroy (1846), Hotel Chopin is just at the end! Travel back in time, the shops are atypical, doll houses, canes of all kinds, precious stones, find a lot of different things in this passage... Stop at the hotel where we will be delighted to welcome you for a romantic night in the heart of Paris!

The next day feel free to discover the passage Verdeau (behind the passage Jouffroy), with its antique shops and its German restaurant.

List of stores in the Passage:

La boite à Joujoux, Le Comptoir des Familles, La Maison du Roy, Librairie du Petit Roi, Pain d’Epice, Le Palais d’Orient, Amour de Pierres, La Maison de Charlotte, Le Valentin, Les Cannes Segas, Bresilophilie, Eric Stipa Coiffeur, Paris Est Toujours Paris, Hubert H, Quartier Drouot, Le Boudoir de Josephine, Nota Bene, Librairie du Passage, Le Café Zéphir